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Sweet Decisions: Favorite Desserts Using Sugar Substitutes

There are numerous desserts that you can prepare that don’t require sugar. You can use a sugar substitute to still get the sweet taste that you crave, and to make the dessert taste good for your family. Cookies are the easiest thing to make with a sugar substitute. Add cocoa powder to chocolate chip cookies, or use spices like cinnamon or nutmeg to make up for the lack of real sugar. There are also cake recipes that you can make with sugar substitutes. These are perfect for diabetics who want Continue reading »

Low Sodium Lifestyle: Creating Great Flavors Without Salt

There are a variety of ways to cook homemade foods without using a lot of sodium. You can make a healthy chicken and noodle dish that is high in protein and carbohydrates. The soup is low in calories and fat. You determine the amount of sodium if you choose to add the salt. Start with a whole chicken that has the skin removed. Place the chicken in a large pan. Add onions, bell pepper, celery, carrots and bay leaves. Cover and let simmer Continue reading »

Simple, Delicious And Healthy Meals Using Fresh Ingredients

Cooking with delicious and healthy ingredients can actually be quite simple. You do not have to visit an all-organic local farm to find great ingredients to work with. The best thing for you to do would be to find a recipe and try to substitute certain ingredients with fresher and healthier choices. One example would be a recipe that calls for whole fat milk in the recipe. If it will not lessen the quality of the food, you Continue reading »

Ask a Doctor for Nutrition Advice

If you are someone who is invested in getting fit, chances are good that you will need to look at the way that you are eating. Food provides our bodies with the fuel that they need to keep on going, and unless you know how to give your body the best fuel, it will do a fair amount of lagging.

Take a moment to think about going to a doctor to talk about how you are eating. Check with your insurance policy to find out who you can go to, and make an appointment today. Before you go in, it is a good idea to make a food journal about the foods that you have been eating, and handing it over. This is a good way to make sure that you are both starting on the right page.

Talk to the doctor in question about your health goals, whether you want to lose weight or you want bulk up on muscle or you simply want to be healthier. Tell them what you are eating and what you like to eat. Ask them for ideas on the foods that you like, and also ask them what changes you should be making to your diet.

One of the best reasons to consult a doctor when you need nutrition advice is because they can take a look at your overall health and make a recommendation. They are aware of the physical issues that might be hampering you, and they can help you tailor your diet to something that will help resolve them.

If you are someone who is invested in eating better and getting in shape, move forward with a doctor’s advice. There are things that a doctor can tell you that might be missed over overlooked by a nutritionist. This can make a huge difference to your success.

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Using Kitchen Appliances To Cut Your Meal Preparation Time

Cooking at home is usually the healthier and cheaper option but some might steer clear of cooking at home with fresh ingredients because of the time it takes to prepare a meal. There are ways to cut down on the time it takes to prepare a meal by using kitchen appliances to help with the process.

It is so much easier to have a few kitchen appliances on hand when it comes to cooking meals. One of the best appliances to have in the kitchen is a large food processor that grinds, chops, slices, and purees.The full explanation Continue reading »

Using Spices And Seasonings To Elevate Your Cooking

Spices and seasonings can elevate your food from bland to exciting. Many confuse the word “herb” with “spice”. Herbs come from the leaves of a plant, while spices come from the seed, fruit, berry, or bark. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice are commonly known spices, frequently used in baking. However, they can also add flavor to savory dishes. Use these to enhance cream sauces, like when making stroganoff. Cumin, coriander, curry, ginger, and turmeric give a bold, exotic flavor to a dish. These are commonly used in Indian, Thai, and Asian dishes.

Spices are often blended with herbs Continue reading »

Quick Preparation Ideas For Your Home Garden Harvest

There are plenty of things you can make from your beautiful garden vegetables. Often times I will make a large batch of vegetable soup and freeze or can the majority for the fall and winter months. However, nothing beats a delicious vegetable stir fry made with fresh zucchini, yellow squash, onions, and tomato or red bell pepper.

First bring in one or two of each item depending on how many will be eating. Chop everything bite size, I usually slice the zucchini and squash. Then toss all the cut vegetables in about 2 Tablespoons of olive oil. Stir fry over medium Continue reading »

Easy Recipes Using Five Or Fewer Ingredients

In each and every pantry, there is a wide variety of different food items. Most pantries, however, have a few basic items – flour, sugar, salt, etc. – that commonly get looked over. Most people consider these items ingredients just random things, or don’t really consider them useful at all. The truth is, there are tons of easy recipes using basic items in the pantry. In fact, most of these basic recipes use fiver or fewer ingredients.

A simple old Continue reading »

Simple, Healthy Quick Breads Make Great Gifts

Simple, healthy and quick breads make great gifts for anyone. How often have you met someone who does not like homemade bread? And with today’s health awareness going on, there is no way that anyone could turn down a wholesome, healthy home-made treat that reminds them of the grandmother’s in story-books.

Homemade breads are on the rise, and the endless recipes for quick, healthy loaves is ever-growing.
Most homemade breads are made with whole-wheat/white flour Continue reading »